how vitamatic works

How does our Multivitamin Club Work?


So, you have decided that our Small Batch, Super High Quality Formulas are the best, and that our Monthly Delivery, Direct-to-Customer method gives you the rock-bottom pricing you need. BUT, you still are wondering exactly how it works...


Here it is, in a nutshell:


Step 1. You pick the Multivitamin Formula(s) that's right for you and/or your Family.   We have 5 to choose from, based on age and gender.


Step 2. You will PAY ONLY SHIPPING on your first order for each formula. Then, in 30 days, we will ship you a fresh supply for only $14.99 +shipping per formula. The packages are shipped out Priority, so they arrive in only 2-5 days, and you will never run out.


Step 3.   You take the vitamins and feel happy, because you know you are getting the VERY BEST quality vitamins, at a price that NO OTHER competitive product can offer. You are Feelin' Good and Lovin' Life.


Step 4.    This isn't really a step, but what the heck... You can adjust the frequency of deliveries, or the dates, or make any other adjustment you want, by using our easy online form.  Of course, you can cancel ANY time, but why would you?  We don't know either, but hey, we're not going to hold you hostage.  Cancel right online with our simple form if that's what you want to do.


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